Craft Cocktails | Wine and Beer

Wine List

3 glasses of wine - white, rose and red in glasses on the table

Rosé & Sparkling Wine

Prosecco, Val d’Oca, Venito, Italy 9/32
Crisp, Dry, Ripe Apples, Citrus

Sparkling Rose, Veuve du Rosé, France 7
Dry, Medium Bodied, Strawberries, Apples

Rosé, Markus Huber, Austria 7/20
Multilayered, Dry, Crisp, Strawberry

White Wines

Pinot Grigio, Dipinti, Veneto, Italy 8/29
Dry, Crisp, Clean and Lively with Tangerine and Ripe Melon Flavors

Chenin Blanc, Badenhorst, S. Africa 9/35
Very Subtly Oaked, Characters of Ripe Melon and Pineapple

Sauvignon Blanc, Loveblock New Zealand 9/35
Dry, Elegant, Racy Style, Incredible Apricot Aromas

Chardonnay, Singing Tree, Goldschmidt Russian River Valley 12/40
Vanilla Oak with Complex, Impeccably Pure, Apple, Peach and Figs

Chardonnay, St. Francis, California 11/39
Exotic, Rich, Multi Layered, Lush Oak and Vanilla

Grüner Veltliner, Machherndl Austria 7/25
Dry, Elegant, Racy Style, Incredible Apricot Aromas

Red Wine

Pinot Noir, Straight Shooter 11/40
Intense Aromatics of Dark Cherry, Blueberry Floral Notes

Pinot Noir, Straight Shooter Oregon 11/40
Intense Aromatics of Dark Cherry, Blueberry Floral Notes

Pinot Noir, Vinum, Monterey 8/30
Soft Oak Layers, Black Cherry and Vanilla Ripeness

Côtes du Rhône, J.L. Columbo France 10/38
Vibrant, Fragrant Fruit Aromas of Vanilla, Cherries and Spice, Silky Finish

Shiraz, Tyrrell Hunter Valley, Australia 12/40
Fresh and Floral, Cherry and Blueberry, Long, Peppery and Silky Finish

Cabernet Sauvignon, Carrascal Argentina 11/39
Dense, Rich with Sweet Cherry, Blackberry and Cassis

Cabernet Sauvignon RouteStock, Route 29, Napa 14/48
Blackberry and Black Currants, Fruity Tobacco and Mocha Finish

Barbera, Fontanafredda Piedmont, Italy 9/32
Blackberry and Plum Aromas, Slight Spicy Overtones Hinting at Black Pepper and Cinnamon

Specialty Cocktails

Peartini 13
Absolute Pear | St Germaine | Fresh Lime

Bee’s Knees 11
Tanqueray | Honey | Fresh Lemon

Café Margarita 13
Patron XO Cafe | Kahlua | Cointreau | Fresh Lemon & Lime Juices | Splash of Pineapple

Velvet Stinger 13
Bourbon| Antica | Falernum | Fresh Lemon

Jamaican Me Crazy 11
Gosling’s Dark Rum | Barley Neck House-Made Fruit Punch

Peachy Keen Martini 13
Absolut Peach | Cointreau | Peach Purée | Fresh Lime

Barley Berry Martini 13
Absolut Acai | Chambord | Pineapple & Pomegranate Juices

French 75 13
Tanqueray | Fishers Island Lemonade | Prosecco

Cucumber Martini 12
Stoli Cucumber | St Germaine | Cucumber Garnish

Negroni 13
Stoli Cucumber | St Germaine | Cucumber Garnish

Boulevardier 13
Woodford Reserve | Antica Sweet Vermouth | Campari | Orange Garnish

Sazerac 13
Bulleit Rye | Brandy | Pernod | Simple Syrup | Bitters

Pain Killer 12
Dark and Gold Rums | Coconut Cream | Pineapple and Orange Juices | Nutmeg

Vesper 11
Tanqueray | Ketel One | Lillet Blond | Fresh Lemon Peel

Beer, etc.

Bottled Beer

Budweiser 4.50  
Corona 6.00
Bud Light 4.50  
Corona Light 6.00
Heineken 5.50  
Coors Light 4.50
Miller Lite 4.50
Haake Beck 6.00
O’Doul’s 4.50

Canned Beer

Ballast Point Sculpin 7.50
Wormtown IPA 16 oz. 8.50

Hard Cider

Down East Cider 8.00

Hard Lemonade

Fishers Island Lemonade 12.00

Draft Beer

Shilling Lager 8.00
Devil’s Purse Kolsch 7.00
Single Cut Pilsner 8.00
Hog Island IPA 7.50
Fiddlehead IPA 8.00
Guinness 7.00